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Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
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Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra
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Maximum Support Comfortable Maternity Nursing Bra

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Are you in the hunt for a comfortable bra, but still supportive? Look no further! Designed to lift up your bustline despite the heavy growing breasts throughout pregnancy and postpartum, this bra is also custom-fit for all body types to offer the ultimate comfort.


As mothers, we understand how heavy the girls can get during maternity and after birth. Sagging breasts might be the consequence if your girls are not supported the right way. That's why The Lynafa Bra was born to adapt to all changes of your breast and control the sag through all stages.

The center gore, the anti-sagging feature, is knitted to be elastic to make room for growing breasts, but not too loose to keep the breasts always uplifted.

Equipped with full-coverage cups to make sure your downward-facing breasts remain contained inside the bra, The Lynafa Bra will make your chest to be elevated to new, exciting heights.

The weight of your breast will pull down the front of your bra if the band is too loose. However, with the wide knitted under-band, The Lynafa Bra offers firm support around your ribcage to minimize the movements of breasts in any activities.


Perfectly shaped cups hug your girls with the same snugness at their largest and their smallest.

Even without an underwire, the bra provides all the support you could need without ever being restrictive.

Made of the softest all-natural cotton, the bras are softer than your baby's bottom.


Most maternity bras out there are dull and boring. Boring colors, boring designs, no spice at all. They make you feel like once you get pregnant you don't deserve to feel sexy anymore. With  Bra, we believe the opposite is true.

We wanted to create a bra that makes mommas feel sexy, feel confident, feel good in their own bodies even as they are growing and changing so much. Here's how we did it:

  • A low cut that is just revealing enough. Since most maternity bras are high cut, you can't wear them with sexy clothing. Our bras fit with all of your favorite tops.

  • The perfect amount of support to make your girls look amazing, without leaving them feeling restricted at all.

  • Lace detail and color options. The final touches that make the bra look extra cute on you.


Once your munchkin is born, its time to switch over to a nursing bra. They make breastfeeding discreet and convenient since the cups easily unclip from the front of the strap.

Normally youd have to go out and buy more bras, but ours doubles as a nursing bra - making the journey into motherhood as easy as possible.

The clips used on Bras can easily be unclipped with one hand and wont ever catch on, or damage your clothes.


Even the best bra is no good if the fit sucks!

While our bras are highly adaptable (wear them a few times and you'll begin to notice), sometimes the fit just isn't right.

That's why we have our 100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee:

Try our bras on at home, wash them and if you're not 100% satisfied with the fit within 30 days of receiving your bras, simply send us an email, return the bra to us, and we'll replace it with a different size. Your first return is FREE, a shipping label will be sent to you. :)


Buy one  Bra bra now and you won't need to waste your money on dealing with sagging breasts years later.

The Bra is not only a sagging controller but a game-changer that alters the way things are done after your child's birth. So you can also consider it an investment in your perfect self. Not just a way to save money!

The difference between trying to tackle maternity with a Lynafa Bra and without one is huge. We hear it time and time again from our 80,000+ happy customers.

And how much does this life-changing purchase cost?


What can you get for $39.95? A tank of gas? A cheap family dinner? It's not even half the price of a pair of shoes.

Would you be willing to trade a tank of gas for a bra that would make maternity so much more enjoyable for years to come?


'I absolutely love this bra !! It is so comfy I ordered one bra at first to see how I would like it and I actually love it so I ordered 3 more! It's super comfy I don't even feel like I am wearing a bra I can fall asleep with it on and wake up and it not be hurting me, I absolutely love it! I can't wait for my baby to be born so I can get to use the bra even more since it's a nursing bra as well, which is a plus! I highly recommend this bra.'- Serena T

'Absolutely LOVE this maternity bra, it's not your mom's maternity bra. I never thought you could have such a cute AND comfy maternity bra. It's so soft/comfortable and it gives me more confidence through this season of body changes through pregnancy. Excellent customer service! Thanks,

'These bras are the most comfortable maternity/nursing bras ever! Not only are they soft in material, but they also provide a great amount of lift and support which is hard to find with maternity bras. Highly recommend! 


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